The market of medications for erectile dysfunction is expected to increase its amount. Comparatively with 2018 when the total amount was $4.28 billion, it is expected to reach $5.18 billion in 2022. The annual growth is about 4.9%. Erectile dysfunction becomes less mystifying — more and more men understand the severity of the problem and the necessity to grapple with it.According to the opinion of specialists, this illness is caused by an unhealthy way of life: an unbalanced diet, sedentary work, alcohol, nicotine, and drug abuse, the absence of sport, etc. The World Health Organization considers this illness one of the most widespread in the world. The WHO expects it to grow by 57% by 2020. Chronic diseases also have a negative impact on ED prevalence.

Lack of Knowledge Among Men Hampers the ED Market

According to the statistics, most men don’t turn to specialists before they face serious problems — lack of erection, unstable or painful erection. It is a popular belief that young men cannot suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, research shows that this illness becomes younger and younger — it is not a rare case among men who haven’t reached 30. A study conducted in 2018 among 100 men showed astonishing results — 86% of participants didn’t even imagine that smoking could cause problems with erection. This study proves the fact that sexual education is needed.

Aforesaid is Forearmed

Men should become aware of the issue of erectile dysfunction. While many of them don’t realize all the triggers that lead to this problem, they should be informed. A lot depends on their sexual education. It is about education at school and home. Parents along with teachers are supposed to provide the growing generations with the necessary data.

This data must include the causes that provoke ED, as well as tips to keep it at bay. However, it’s not enough. Patients should not be afraid to confess they have this sort of problem. Most men are terribly afraid to reveal to other people (even if it’s a doctor) that they have problems with their erection. This is a strong stereotype that leads to complications. Some mental and physical causes may be quickly cured if the help is applied on time. While some men delay, they deprive themselves of the chances to overcome ED quickly and without severe complications.

New Drug Delivery Techniques will Boost the ED Market

The sphere of drug delivery is constantly developing. Pellets and creams have joined the medicine lines of ED medications. These products are innovative because they cause fewer adverse effects and are safer in general. The benefits of medicine delivery techniques will help the ED drugs market to grow. In 2018, Apricus Biosciences began to work on the cream for ED treatment. The “monsters” of male health pharmacies like Eli Lilly, Pfizer, and others also take part in the development.

The Legitimacy

The drugs are regulated by the authority. Companies that produce medicines have to provide for the proper documentation of quality. The safety of drugs should be proven by research and trials. Competent authorities, for instance, the European Medicines Agency (EMA), issue licenses.

The market of ED pharmacy is widespread worldwide, although companies work in certain segments: South America, Western Europe, etc. The North American one is the largest market and shows tendencies to grow. This division helps to work more effectively and provide for the best service.

It should be said that one can buy both branded drugs and generics. The main difference between these categories of drugs lay in price. Companies selling branded drugs spend large amounts of money on developing and designing the formula, advertising and marketing, medical trials, and tests. Generics are a good alternative because they have the same active component, but the price is much lower. The production of generics is also regulated by the FDA. They are completely legal drugs and can compete with the branded ones in the market. Moreover, there are services online, where one can check the drug for legality.

Online Pharmacies Cast Light on Men’s Health Problems in XXI

Erectile dysfunction is not a common disease like the flu or sore throat. It belongs to intimate problems that are often tough to discuss. This shyness only aggravates the situation because men turn to doctor’s help when the ED is not at the initial stage. Online pharmacies often post articles about main men’s health issues, methods of avoiding ED, and treatment of problems with erection. On the one hand, there is a great amount of useful information about illnesses and treatment. On the other hand, men rarely think beforehand, they find it embarrassing to talk about potency and seek information about this issue only when they cannot cope with it alone. Internet-pharmacies often offer consultations online. In such a way, one can ask any questions without feeling embarrassed.

Almost every online pharmacy has a blog where different posts based on research, study, and medical trials are published. They cover different topics concerning men’s health: nutrition, hormones, sports, sexual life. It is a noble outreach and awareness-raising work because customers can not only order drugs but to read more about them and their health in general. There one can read articles from trustworthy authors about potency, skin, and hair care (hair loss is another widespread problem of many men after 40–45), cold sores, premature ejaculation, etc.

The sphere of erectile dysfunction drug distribution is perpetually developing because the demand is growing. It is not just because the illness is becoming more popular. It happens because more men have access to the information; they share it with their friends and recommend medications against ED like something casual.

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Why Men Opt for Online Services

One of the best ED solutions is an online service. First of all, such pharmacies are totally confidential. Accordingly, it solves the issue of fear and embarrassment in some men who don’t want to go to the local store and speak about their problems with other people. It’s completely confidential.

Secondly, online pharmacies have a rich choice of medications. These are originals and generics, prescription and non-prescription drugs, etc. Customers have no limitations and are welcome to choose whatever brand and medication is suitable for them. Online consultants will help to choose the correct remedy. This service works round the clock and every client can have a detailed consultation before placing his order. Another advantage is the number of drugs ordered – a customer can order one pill only.

Thirdly, online pharmacies offer the best conditions for delivery. Such stores are always accessible and are ready to accept orders whenever the need appears — delivery is possible to any country and city. They deliver their products right to the thresholds of their clients and it doesn’t take too much time, commonly 1–5 days. Besides, ED products are available 24 hours round the clock. In the meanwhile, some standard pharmacies may not have the required product at the moment and it induces additional problems for men.