Medical Machine Intellect

On the Road of Evolution – the Development of Medical Machine Intellect

The smart machines have become a vital part of our lives. More and more fields of human lives are connected with the artificial intellect. People use Google and are surprised with the capability of the machine to predict the input and offer the things that are needed by the person judging from the previous searches. The neurological networks are a powerful artificial intellect mechanism that was created in order to resemble the human brain. The system is based on the principle of self-education and is capable to consume tons of information with an afterward personal judgement issue. The use of such system in the medical field has got an enormous potential.

The Potential World Health Organization Benefits

According to the latest statistics of the international organizations, the use of the AI in the medicine is able to increase the gross amount of profit in the healthcare industry. The 2016 proved the potential of the AI as the share of the European market of AI was appraised as 270 billion dollars with a growth of 35% yearly.

The most positive predictions state that 2025 will bring 28 billiards of dollars as a gross income from AI services. The creation of the AI is motivated by the decrease of expenditure on health care. It looks like an incredible financial investment into the quality of health services. The machines are already capable to avoid the most frequent problem – 20-30% risk chance of wrong medical analysis. Even now the evolutionary stage of the machine intellect assists a lot by granting the possibility to avoid routine procedure and standardize some of the simplest operation.

The final goal of all the artificial intellect models is the development of self-organized diagnostical models which are capable to provide a thorough medical service.

The Consequence of AI Utilization

The doctors will cooperate with virtual assistants. Thanks to the development of virtual assistants the process of diagnosing will become easier. The AI will be capable to trace the status of patient and inform the doctors about any changes. At present we have several AI models which are utilized for healthcare process like IBM’s Watson and ADA – virtual nurse. These robots can process the health data about the patients with a great preciseness. The machines store the video and image data, commentaries and recommendation of the doctor. In the nearest future the work with virtual assistants will become mandatory for achieving maximum results.

The treatment of chronical diseases will become 5-10 more effective. Even now the simplest AI is capable to create reports regarding the diagnosis and planning of the therapy together with the following search of treatment solution. The described processes are not difficult but they are time taking. In this aspect the AI performs in an excellent way. It saves time on analysis of various therapeutic data and storing it. The data will be accessible from various places in the world so people with chronical issues can be treated effectively regardless of their location.

AI will help in maintaining a healthy way of life. Regarding this point, the future has already started. People have begun to use fitness bands and this is the simplest AI that provides a health care service. The measurement of a heart rate, number of burnt calories and distance that you walked together with fluid drinking reminder is an excellent assistant for people who want to stay healthy and fit.

The creation of med gadgets. Fitness gadgets sounds nice but currently the doctors and programmers are working on the creation of some peculiar health items. The machines with automatic injection functions, overall monitoring items and other categories of healthcare equipment will make magic for human health. It’s like having a doctor that will always be near and if something happened the medical establishments would be notified immediately.    

The Potential Outcome

The decisive role of AI implementation into the fields of medicine directly depends on the readiness of other industries to accept this. They are the major manufacturers of the equipment. The methods of medical analysis, diagnosing and procedure operations are based on separate components which are in a close bound to industry.

The target of the AI is a transfer of the medicine from science and art into something greater and industrialized. The current stage of the artificial intellect shows the signs of quick growth and it slowly connects with various fields of medication and becomes more and more accepted by the society.

The AI utilization can be boldly titled the 4th industrial revolution as it will surely change the world we know. The world is constantly influenced by something new and people should be open to all new things that can change it. Every year we can hear about the breakthroughs in the world and totally new systems are installed in the labs and they are undergoing constant tuning and upgrade.

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