Membership Benefits

For your convenience, please find the quick access to information related to the AAPA-OM membership benefits. By clicking one of the links, you will be redirected to all you need to know sections.

Member Resources – Leadership programs at AAPA-OM, discussion group. Use our toll-free telephone number to learn about admission.

Publications – Our Newsletter, and educational sources for physician assistants.

AAPA-OM Networking – The schedule of current and future conferences held by us and our partners in the Occupational Medicine for 2020.

Education for Professionals – Lectures organized during our annual conferences, and sponsored by our partner the AOHC and Advocacy. Learn how to apply or register with the classes.

The Partnership with ACOEM

Membership Discounts – Bonuses you get with our organization. Get now a 15% discount on lab coats and scrubs from Medelita.

Careers – Recruitment and available vacancies.

Fellow Membership Directory – List of AAPA-OM members.