Safety first is not just a motto but a philosophy. We provide a seamless service of mail orders with every step protected.

Who We Are

Proudly Canadian Med Center located in Montreal and Kentucky, in the area where most of the Canadian drug manufacturers are based, we have immediate access to major medication suppliers and warehouses.

Founded in 2008, AAPA Canadian Center from the very beginning focused on developing a well-adjusted structure that works both for local dispensing and mail orders. After 12 years of hard work we can gladly say that our team has succeeded.

  • We have 17 drug stores and 5 warehouses in 4 states of Canada
  • We sell medications from 38 suppliers, Canadian and international
  • We have implemented a Quality Assurance Program based on Good Manufacturing Practices
  • We have affiliate companies in the USA and Mexico
  • We deliver medications to 29 countries

Our Popular Products

3 Reasons to Choose AAPA Drugstore: Save – Safe – Suitable

We do our best to embody our 3Ss (Save – Safe – Suitable) principle in flawless processes that allow you to get Rx and OTC drugs quickly and at minimum price.


  • Our regular prices are 20–30% lower than at the average local pharmacy
  • And you can save even more with our Discount Program


  • Only trusted manufactures and suppliers of services
  • Privacy Guaranteed


  • We deliver medications for the whole family right to your door

Forget about purchasing your prescription drugs and other medications from different pharmacies: our purchasing team studies the market and bargains desperately so that we always have the prescribed most and popular drugs in stock at the lowest prices.

We have special training for our pharmacists where they contest to be the fastest at arranging prescriptions. It also includes role-playing games in asking and answering questions to give our employees a chance to practice their professionalism in non-selling settings.

At real pharmacies, our target is a 1-minute-service. With online orders, we guarantee a shipment to your address within 24-hours after order submitting by a customer provided that we have in stock all the positions in the order.

Your savings with AAPA Pharmacy start here

We are quick and efficient when arranging your orders, but if you need a detailed consultation on medications, services, and discounts, all our time is your time.

In AAPA Canadian service, we believe that being a pharmacist is more than dispensing drugs. We see our mission in educating our customers and providing detailed advice on the medications, their uses, adverse reactions, contraindications, etc. Your convenience is also important for us so that is why we have 24/7 service to meet all the possible questions of our customers. You can contact us by email, via the inquiry form on our website, on our phone number above, or request a callback.

Quality Assurance

The reason why we exist is to make you healthy. So, the quality of the drugs and safety of all the processes from contracting with suppliers to the moment of delivery to our customers are what we care about. We have a QA Program that includes multifold procedures to ensure the best result at every step of the supply chain.

Our Suppliers

AAPA Pharmacy purchases medications from leading manufacturers in Canada and multinational businesses that have their representatives in the country. A non-exhaustive list of the pharmaceutical companies we work with includes Apotex, Teva Canada (Generic Cialis), Novartis, Pharmascience, AA Pharma, Johnson&Johnson, Auro Pharma (Generic Viagra), Laboratoire Riva, Mint Pharmaceuticals, Bayer, Mylan, Taro, and others. We choose only supplies that follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and approved by Health Canada.

Older Patient Care

For patients over 65 from Canada and the US, we have special programs that allow saving when buying more than 5 kinds of different drugs. Please contact our staff to learn more about the AAPA Pharmacy 65+ Program.

Family Care

AAPA Canada also has plans for families, including birth control medicines and ED-packs. To enjoy family benefits, browse our website for discount offers or contact our consultants. Our family account service is under development, and soon you will be able to register as a family and add more than one person to the same account. In this case, all the available family discounts will be applied automatically.

Career in Our Online Pharmacy

Our management encourages young people to enter our team. We have a 2-year program for graduates of pharmacy colleges. The program includes some perks, such as professional training and team building events with more experienced colleges. Once a year, we have a corporate meeting and dinner in Montreal where the best specialists from all of our pharmacies are invited.

We also are friendly to immigrants who completed the Canadian Pharmacy Practice Program and want to start the career of a pharmacist in Canada. If you are interested in our positions contact us by e-mail and do not forget to attach your resume.

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