Purpose and Mission of Our Pharmacy

American Academy of Physician Assistants in Occupational Medicine strives to promote loyal and honest care to the audiences that are directly involved in medical professions, and to the public. We are in charge of designating and developing various educational programs for physician assistants in occupational medicine, as well as conducting medical forums for the concerned ones. For these purposes, Canadian Meds Pharmacy launched a membership, that, in turn, can perfectly popularize the high-quality care performed by PAs, and help them boost their knowledge regarding occupational health. We educate, teach, and stimulate recruitment interest within communities, and in particular students, who might find this direction in medicine interesting for their further career.

Regularly, the members of our organization visit and host forums where dozens of other dedicated experts share their concerns, tips in healthcare and analyze issues that are related to physician assistants’ practices. Join us to develop together a speaker’s bureau to share only qualitative practices when dealing with working illnesses and injuries.

Last but not least, AAPA-OM understands that mutual understanding regarding the PA’s practices is a must. So, we support all the health professionals and facilities by organizing and structuring only the key information through panels, modalities, programs, written briefs. That, after all, will contribute to awareness, and then to a safe and healthy working environment.