Fellow Membership is open to graduates, and professionals in Occupational Medicine. All the members have a right to be selected as an in-charge person, participate in discussions, and vote.

Physician Assistants Membership is open for accredited physicians who are willing to join us to promote the latest and efficient ways of preventing illnesses and injuries while on the duty. Any member can participate in discussions or meetings without voting and being selected as a person-in-charge.

Membership for Associates. A category for people who are involved in distributing the goods or services to physicians, or for those who are employed but cannot be entitled to other categories. Participation in discussion without voting and commanding.

Dual Membership. Open for fellow members, and the ones involved in the AFPPA. Participation in discussions without a right to vote or command.

Student Membership. This category is for students who are undergoing studies in any of the accredited by the AAPA programs. Participation in meetings and discussions, no voting or commanding except for the person-in-charge.

Active Duty Membership. It is open for physician assistants working for the army. This type of membership is subject to renewal each year. Only the privileges of the floor and voting.

AAPA-OM membership year starts on July 1 – June 30