10k Steps a Day: How to Complete Your Mission?

Women literally reinvent the wheel when it comes to their weight loss. They spend hours in the gym, go swimming, walking, and do other sports activities. However, it is not always possible and smooth to lose some weight when you enter the menopause period. No need to write it off as lost, because 10k steps a day may change the situation, while you do not make much effort.

10k Steps a Day – Does It Really Work for Weight Loss?

10k StepsLet’s get to the basics. First, 10k steps a day appeared as a marketing ploy when one Japanese company, back in 1965, launched a pedometer that came with a catchy slogan — “Let’s walk 10K steps a day”. As per them, there was nothing about just promoting your health, and indulging clients to lose weight but a simple hook to buy a pedometer and test it. Yet, those who used the device overlooked the effects of such walking and noticed positive changes in their bodies. Since that time, “10k steps a day” has become a target, a slogan that is actively promoted by many sportsmen, and fitness coaches.

Now, it is worth saying that just 10k steps a day is not a cure for weight loss or a complete boost of one’s wellbeing. It, the same, does not fit every particular case. For instance, it concerns those people who have some problems with knees and such a volume walking may deteriorate their condition.

The best advice is to always consult a doctor or dedicated professional to understand whether 10,000 steps are good. Beyond that, you can always start with fewer steps when you are not got used to such activities.

How to Complete Your Mission?

If you have much weight to lose, walking won’t assist you in full, especially if you have entered the menopause period. First off, your metabolism may be simply too slow to burn the fats, or you can experience daily pain which is intolerable for any sports activities. As of now, the pharmaceutical industry never sleeps and provides menopause women with lots of working solutions — including Premarin. When taking this medication, you can lower the attacks of hot flashes, and reduce the pain during walking. Yet, like with other medications, you should first learn whether it fits your condition.

Now, off we go to completing your mission with 10k steps a day:

  • Buy a pedometer. Do not think of this device as something expensive and useless. Modern pedometers do not only allow track the number of steps achieved per day but also overlook heart rate, and sleeping hours;
  • Understand where you can walk. Note, you do not necessarily require outdoor walking but you can do it while being at home. You can do your laundry or just walk onsite while watching your favourite TV show. For the best results, think about pole walking which suits menopausal women;
  • Skip elevators and taxis if you live nearby your targeted facilities. If you live nearby your work, or you need to go shopping, use this opportunity to train your legs with walking;
  • Reward yourself for your set targets. As was hinted above, it is not so necessary to dive in full into 10k steps a day but you can do everything gradually. Pedometers allow setting different targets such as 5K steps a day, 10k, and so on. If you find it hard to reach 10k steps or you soberly understand that you will stay at home during the whole day, lower the bar;
  • Reward yourself for achievements. Once you reach your 10k step target, reward yourself with some guilty pleasures. It signals to the brain that your tiresome walking yields the fruits, and you are motivated to continue doing it;
  • Find your walking buddy. Ideally, you should engage your family members or friends to walk every morning with you. You can explain that it will help them with their wellbeing, and while walking you can discuss some important themes;
  • Download sports music. You will be bored just walk across your house or outdoors in silence. You can find many lists of music for sports activities which may motivate you to make all your goals possible;
  • To see results with the weight loss, think of your meals. Menopausal women will hardly see quick results by just walking. They should speak to nutritionists about their diets. Looking ahead, it will be definitely a diet aimed at reducing the consumption of sweets and fatty foods.

If you find 10k steps a day too simple for your routine, you can simply proceed with exercises. The pedometers count every activity, both while you walk and while you are super active with fitness machines.

Keep in mind, such a walking approach won’t bring you the results within one week or month regarding your weight. You should wait for months to see the first centimetres vanishing from your waist or legs. Yet, your overall wellbeing and the respiratory system will say thank you. So, 10k steps a day is a good tool for assisting menopausal women.

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